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5 Questions For A Prospective Solar Company In Los Angeles

Once we have made the decision to go solar, we must take the time to interview every prospective company in Los Angeles. There are a few key questions that need to be asked first and if we fail to do so, there are no shortage of issues that are going to arise along the way.

The following questions must be asked of any solar company in Los Angeles that we are considering. This allows us to steer clear of common pitfalls and keeps us from making mistakes that are 100 percent avoidable.

1) Does The Business Have The Proper Licensing and Insurance?

All solar installers that we rely upon should have the proper licensing and insurance. This is not something that we should ever allow ourselves to bend on and those who do are placing themselves in a position that is less than advantageous. Don’t make the mistake of simply taking their word for it, either. Be sure to ask for proof of these credentials and if they are unable to provide them? Take this as a sign to head elsewhere.

2) What Level of Expertise Does The Company Have?

Have they handled tasks like ours in the past? Do they have a long and storied track record of assisting companies with all of their solar power related needs? How long has the company been in business and can they provide a closer look at the systems that they have installed in the past? The answers to these questions will determine the next steps that we are going to be taken.

3) Are Warranties Offered?

There are few purchases where a warranty will take on a greater level of importance. The average solar panel system is not going to require a sizable amount of maintenance and while this comes as a relief to most, there are those who are going to want additional reassurance. Finding companies that are willing to offer the proper warranties is the easiest way to ensure the proper peace of mind after the purchase is made.

4) How Will We Go About Insuring The Solar Power System?

In some cases, we can purchase an insurance policy that has been designed to accompany the system that we are choosing. Home and business owners who are in search of a long term plan that works best for their needs should take the time to learn more and a top notch solar company in Los Angeles can offer valuable insight. We may need to take out additional insurance so this is something that must be discussed early on.

5) How Are My Projected Savings Calculated?

When we make a purchase of this magnitude, we must take the time to find out more about how the projected savings are going to be calculated so that we can receive the largest possible return on our investment. Is inflation being included in the projections? Are the estimates being made in a conservative manner or a bullish manner? These questions must be answered in a timely and thorough fashion.

Solar Company Los Angeles

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