Outdoor Covered Patio Kits

Quality outdoor covered patio kits provide shade without compromise. Advances in technology make it easier than ever to achieve your dream. The remodeling experts at Smart Patio Plus can provide everything you need to get going.

Why should I remodel my patio?

For many homeowners, their outdoor space may come as an afterthought. However, this area has a significant impact on the resale value of your property. Buyers want to purchase the best home they can afford and first impressions are key.

What area is a potential home buyer looking at when they first arrive? Your yard, including your backyard. A single extensive remodel can return up to $50,000 on your home at a time when prices are more likely to flatten.

Even if you are not looking to sell, a remodel still offers returns. Turn a decrepit and cracked deck or patio into a masterpiece for family gatherings. Build the perfect aura.

What can I do with my patio?

There are many items that improve your patio. These include:

  • Focus and LED Lighting
  • Al Fresco and Twin Eagle grills
  • Bromic and Infratech Heaters
  • Adjustable patio covers

Envision grilling with the family under the crisp lines of a modern pergola. A luxury or affordable patio is the perfect way to spend spring, summer, and fall aking connections.

Building from the Grill Up

For most, the grills and seating are the centerpiece of a patio. There is nothing more important than starting with the eating area and a chic new grill is the perfect way to accomplish this.

Ditch the old charcoal model for something completely new and refreshing. Install a luxurious and smart Twin Eagles grill or create a masterpiece with Al Fresco.

Make sure that you love your most important assets before moving on. If you are a grill master, a buffet style may be the perfect fit for you.

Lighting Your Work

When you are ready to move from grill to table, consider the brilliance of LED lights and power of focus lighting. Capabilities once reserved for high end establishments are at your fingertips.

Shed light into dark corners, create shapes that please the eye, and watch your guests light up themselves. Carefully placed lighting is an important feature in today’s world.

Protecting Your Assets

Since patio remodeling is expensive, you will want to finish your patio with a wonderful new roof. Louvered patio covers such as the Struxure Outdoor cover let in streaks of sunlight without letting the elements in.

Smart Patio Plus exclusively installs this patented easy to use technology with our ground up or single project remodels. They come in wood and metal and can use almost any type of support from Greco-Roman pillars to simple wooden posts.

Complete Outdoor Covered Patio Kits in Southern California

Los Angeles County is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Warm springs, cool falls, and the California sun make this one of the most desired places to live.

Make sure you enjoy your patio and can achieve the most for your cherished home. Get in touch with the patio remodeling experts at Smart Patio Plus today and choose from our extensive catalog of outdoor covered patio kits and products.

Outdoor Covered Patio Kits