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Has your heater suddenly stopped working out of the blue? When you and your family are left shivering in the dead of night because your heater has given out during the coldest months of the year, you should not hesitate to get in touch with a reliable technician. Our caring experts at Valley Air Heating and Air Conditioning want to keep you from this unpleasant situation by offering powerful heating repair in Simi Valley.


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What Could Be the Source of My Heater’s Problems?

Your heater needs to work hard to supply cozy comfort to the entirety of your house during the winter. After many years of faithfully serving you and your family, it is no wonder that your heater may require some tender loving care from time to time in the form of effective repairs. When your system starts to misbehave, do not panic but speak to our technicians right away.



Examples of the Parts That Could Be
Malfunctioning within Your Heater Include:

  • Malfunctioning ignitors
  • An improperly installed heat exchanger
  • Faulty thermostats
  • Burners that have become dirty
  • Disconnected gas valves 
  • Faulty flame sensors
  • A blower motor that has gone bad
  • Clogged ductwork
  • Dirty or blocked vents

The problem is that so many of these issues within your heater system may display some of the same symptoms. Just because your heater is having difficulty turning on, or if it keeps producing terrible burning smells, does not necessarily indicate which of the above parts could be at fault. Since there is no way of knowing for sure what is wrong without many years of thorough training, only speak to HVAC specialists for support.

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Should I Call a Heater Professional for Heating Repair?

No one wants to be the “boy who cried wolf” when it comes to having their heater system repaired. This is why so many homeowners are tempted to view trouble in their heater as just a random glitch, doing everything possible to avoid having to call for professional support. While you may think that this is a way to save money in the midst of the country’s shaky economy, the truth is that the longer you delay, the more likely your system’s initial problem will evolve into something worse. A small error could even require a far more expensive replacement part, which could take weeks to arrive. 

The faster that you contact a team of skillful technicians, the more easily you can have your heater repair resolved, without losing lots of money during the delay. Our trustworthy team at Valley Air Heating and Air Conditioning is ready and equipped to deliver these superior services to you whenever you ask.

Call us today at (805) 490-1507, or you can contact our team online to find more information related to heating repair in Simi Valley.

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