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Are you in need of a new heating system since you moved into your home in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, or the surrounding areas? Alternatively, do you already have an old heater, but it has been having lots of issues recently? Whenever you are seeking a team for thorough Simi Valley heating installation and replacement, just trust our knowledgeable experts at Valley Air Heating and Air Conditioning. We can offer dedicated guidance so that you end up with a heater that you absolutely love.


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Relying on Professionals for Support with Selecting Your Heater

Choosing the perfect heating system can be extremely difficult. There are just so many brands, models, makes, and shapes to choose from. Selecting a good heater is not merely about the style you prefer either – if you do not choose carefully, you might end up with a system that is not efficient to meet your specific needs. A heater that is too large will eat up a lot of energy, meaning much higher utility bills, whereas a small heater may not keep your home warm. 

You may also be wanting a heater that is very inexpensive to install, but it turns out to have a short lifespan because it is not of the highest quality. Determining the right balance of your budget and your heater’s efficiency takes a lot of effort, so speak to dedicated experts.



How to Recognize When Your Heater Should Be Replaced

Whether you have a powerful furnace, heat pump, or boiler, the truth is that it is eventually going to collapse from sheer wear and tear over the years. You will never be able to avoid your system from collapsing, even with dedicated maintenance. The key is to be ready for this ultimate failure by recognizing typical symptoms of a dying heater.

The most common signals that your heater is getting ready to fail include:

  • You are paying extremely high utility bills – A heater that is no longer efficient due to its old age or extensive damage is going to result in expensive monthly bills.
  • The system often short cycles – When your heater goes on and off repeatedly, it means that there is probably something irreversibly wrong with the fan or thermostat.
  • Your house is very dusty and dirty – In this case, it might be the ductwork that is causing an issue, or perhaps a lack of a sealed combustion appliance.
  • The thermostat is not working at all – The intricate parts of a thermostat must be in order, or you will never be able to use heat efficiently.

When your heater is facing any one of these issues, our experienced technicians at Valley Air Heating and Air Conditioning can help. 

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