Failure Analysis Scanning

Failure analysis scanning detects defects before they become a major problem. Failures cause problems beyond your facility. Protect yourself by catching issues early with Acuren, a leader in ultrasonic imaging and electron microscopy for challenging inspections.

What is failure analysis scanning?

Industry and energy are inherently dangerous sectors of the economy. Tanks fail, turbine blades crack, and pipelines break. The smallest crack becomes a significant problem when left unchecked.

Failure analysis scanning uses electron microscopes to find defects undetectable to the human eye. The materials you construct with should be of the highest quality to avoid life-altering and legally damaging results.

Why is an electron microscope used?

Technology is increasingly complex. Devices used in manufacturing and energy grow increasingly smaller while materials are under more stress than ever.

Wind turbines alone are under immense stress. Axial forces of 90,177 Newtons and rotational forces of 13,262 Newtons are common. Materials must be up to the same quality as that used in airlines.

Electron microscopes and ultrasonic imaging help spot cracks and other defects down to the micrometer. They return a complete picture that inspectors use to determine if your material is ready for everyday use.

Avoid Issues Related to Novel Materials

Dangers requiring the use of electron microscopes to detect continue to enter the manufacturing space. As the world progresses materials improve. However, unproven technologies come with unforeseen dangers.

Your organization may be ready to use a new material without the ability to detect its capabilities. Acuren failure analysis services are perfect for organizations on the bleeding edge of technology.

Failure Detection for Semiconductors and Electronics

Inspection services are not only perfect for materials but smaller devices as well. The use of scanning electron microscopy for failure analysis extends to semiconductors, motherboards, and complicated electronics.

It is well known that devices are shrinking. Larger microchips were relegated to undergraduate laboratories decades ago. Quality assurance today requires the ability to detect defects at the micron level.

Electron microscopes work at this level. They scan materials and devices and return an image visible to the human eye. It is possible to see cracks as small as 0.1 nanometers wide, giving inspectors ultimate control over your products and equipment.

Continual Inspection

Electron microscopy works well in a manufacturing environment. Better understanding the stability of your equipment requires another process that can look inside of containers, engines, turbines, and other components.

Laser scanning and ultrasonic imaging let you examine production systems inside and out to continue to find defects post manufacturing. The benefits of early detection far outweigh the costs.

Failure Analysis Scanning in the United States

Quality is not an afterthought. In industry and the energy sector failures are both dangerous and legally damaging. You do not have the ability to wait on an inspection. Your organization requires early detection and a thorough response mechanism.

Acuren failure analysis scanning services use the power of electron microscopy to detect failures before they become apparent to the naked eye. Get in touch with us today to schedule an inspection at 1-800-2218-7450.

Failure Analysis Scanning


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