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Replacing an air conditioning unit is a lot cheaper than you might think, and the earlier you can have the unit replaced, the better. For instance, if your air unit is not nearly as old as your house, you may be in a better position just getting a new furnace and air conditioner installed rather than replacing just one or the other. In either case, AirRite can offer expert insight. Contact us for an affordable air conditioner repair in St Paul.

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If you’ve been told that replacing your AC is your only option, one of the first things to do before purchasing a new unit is to determine if you would rather fix your existing unit or just buy a new one. If your air conditioner is over eight years old, repairs are likely not worth the cost unless the issue is something as simple as debris blocking your condenser or a deteriorating fan belt.

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If you notice a little moisture indoors when your air conditioner is running, your unit might need repairs. If the air conditioner is running for short periods before it turns off, or it is completely unresponsive, it could indicate that the thermostat in the air conditioner is not properly determining whether or not the system is running. The cause of this issue could be one of several things, including a faulty thermostat switch, a leak in the HVAC system’s ductwork, or the aging of the air conditioner.

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You will want to know your air conditioning unit’s year-old date, as well as get a repair cost estimate. When deciding to repair or replace an air conditioner unit, your first consideration should be age.

By considering a unit’s age, history of repairs, and effectiveness, along with the recommendations of professionals, you will have greater certainty about your decision. If you call a trusted local HVAC contractor to evaluate your AC unit, it is then a matter of weighing out the cost of any repairs against the age of the unit and its energy efficiency. To best weigh the repair or replacement decision, have your contractor evaluate the state of your existing hardware, the ductwork delivering your cooling air, and the overall insulation quality in your home.

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Multiply the relatively recent age of the air conditioner by its repair costs, and if that is more than $5,000, it might be better to replace the unit. If the unit is just five years old, and you are quoted $600 to repair, then after multiplying those two, you will get $3000, so it is probably better to move forward with this AC repair.

With an older system, it is a repair type that might make you wonder whether it might be wiser to just replace your entire AC unit. If your air conditioner in your St Paul home is not working, you may need to decide between repairing it or replacing it. Rest easy; AirRite is happy to offer advice over the phone; reach AC service experts at 952-683-1900 to discuss an air conditioner repair in St Paul.

Air Conditioner Repair St Paul